About us

InSound is, above all, a studio-space for audio professionals, engineers and much more.

But we are much more than that: we are a creative sonic cluster that will be created around a community of musicians, producers, engineers and overall creative thinkers. We can offer you the proper studios, work atmosphere and the right tools to help you rise in the music or engineering scene.

We strongly believe that we cannot do everything by ourselves, especially when it comes to music. What we need is to surround ourselves with people that understand (and maybe have been through) the same challenges and difficulties in the industry.
At InSound, our goal is to create a hand picked community and provide you the right tools to share your experiences, tips and tricks with everyone around you. Your vision will always be unique and you will be contributing a lot to opening the mind of fellow creatives like yourself.

The studios

InSound has 7 soundproofed rooms of different sizes to rent, perfect to share with members of your team on multiplayer mode.

All the studios are super private and you can access with a personal magnetic card.

In addition to your room, you’ll have access to all shared spaces at InSound.

What can you expect from the studios:

– 24 hour access to InSound
– AC and ventilation
– Security access controled by magnetic card and CCTV
– Internet by cable connection
– Professional soundproof spaces: you can create music up to 80 DBs without anyone hearing a thing
– Personal smart lighting system
– Everything is connected: rooms are connected through audio, so you can share sound with your fellow artists and musicians

You bring your rig and we provide you the best sonic cocoon in Lisbon. It’s that simple.

Contact us

Interested in renting a room or knowing more about our services? Get in touch with us.

    Localização InSound

    Rua Manuel dos Santos 17A 1900-317 Lisboa Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

    [EN] FAQ

    How can I rent a studio at InSound?

    To rent a studio at InSound, you just have to choose the right room for you and for how long do you want to rent it.
    You can rent a studio just for yourself or share it with other members of your team, enjoying our multiplayer mode.

    What is multiplayer mode?

    It’s the right mode for you if you’re interested in having a bigger studio and want to share it with other members of your team. Each member has an extra cost of 20€ per month.

    Which payment methods are available?

    The studio rent is payed through direct debit, at the beginning of each month.

    What’s included in the price?

    Your monthly payment includes weekly cleaning, cable internet, electricity and access to all shared spaces in InSound. If you’re choosing multiplayer mode, the extra cost covers the same things, as well as personal access cards.

    For how long can I rent a studio?

    The minimum time that you can rent the studio is for one month. The max time can go up to one year, with the possibility of extending your time and contract.

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